I’m a User Experience consultant, speaker, author, husband, and father of two beautiful girls, living in Bristol, UK. I’m a co-founding member of Analog Coop, and Mapalong. I’ve helped businesses like BlackBerry, Vodafone and Visa use design to create valuable customer experiences and envision unseen opportunities. In the past, I designed Telewest’s (now Virgin Media’s) on-demand and personal video recorder services used by millions of people.

I’ve spent more than a decade building and leading teams of designers and developers in a variety of roles; as the customer experience guy for large companies like BT and Virgin Media, UX guy for design agencies,  a designer in a web start-up – Mapalong, and more recently as a freelance consultant.  I believe the practice of user experience is most successful when focused on strategy, vision, and planning, not just design and execution.

Recently, I spoke at Agile Cambridge and I’m next speaking at UX Bristol on Engaging Meaningfully with Clients. I’ve published on UX Magazine, 52 Weeks of UX, and UX Booth. I’ve also had the pleasure of featuring in Simple and Usable by Giles Colborne.

Originally from Fethard, Tipperary, Ireland, I live in Bristol, England with three women, two of whom are my daughters, making me significantly outnumbered on a daily basis. These days, you might catch a glimpse of me running up mountains or biking down them; most recently at the Ritchey Oktoberfest, where with other deranged mountain bikers we went uphill and downhill for 8 hours until someone was declared the winner. (I was the runner-up.)

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If you’d like me to work on your project, write or speak for you, or even to just say hi, please get in touch via email. Please note, that I’m currently accepting client work.

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